Kevin Johnson

  • Tout responsable d'entreprise a besoin de modèles et d'outils pour analyser, organiser, mettre en oeuvre le changement au sein de la structure dont il a la charge. Cet ouvrage propose 57 outils opérationnels, regroupés en 8 dossiers, indispensables à tout professionnel souhaitant conduire le changement. 
    L'enjeu actuel ne consiste plus à accompagner un projet mais à développer la capacité à changer des individus et des organisations dans un contexte de transformation exponentiel. La transformation est définie comme l'ensemble des projets en lien avec une stratégie et la culture d'un corps social. Cet ouvrage a récatualisé tous les outils présents dans le précedent ouvrage et rajouté de nombreux outils quant au pilotage de la transformation.

  • La société et le monde de l'entreprise vivent aujourd'hui un point de bascule entre les fonctionnements hérités du monde industriel et ceux en cours de construction qui se veulent plus collaboratifs. Les entreprises sont de plus en plus nombreuses

  • Instructors are under pressure to integrate technology into their traditional or online instruction, but often they aren't sure what to do or why they should do it. The Technology Toolbelt for Teaching offers instructors a down-to-earth guide to common technologies, explains the pedagogical purposes they serve, and shows how they can be used effectively in online or face-to-face classrooms. Designed to be easy to use, the book includes a decision-making matrix for each technology tool: a series of questions that teachers can use to decide whether these tools support their teaching goals. This comprehensive resource contains an array of useful tools that address problems of organization such as a time management calendar, aids for scheduling meetings, and mind-mapping or graphic organizers. The authors also include a variety of online tools for communication and collaboration, and tools to present content, help establish presence, and assess learning. Praise for The Technology Toolbelt for Teaching "Feeling overwhelmed and even afraid of integrating technology into your course? Fear no more! Susan Manning and Kevin Johnson have provided the ultimate guide that explains not only the various technology tools that can support faculty work and enhance coursework but also provides sound advice to help faculty choose the right tool for the job. This is a must-read for all faculty regardless of their experience with technology."-Rena M. Palloff and Keith Pratt, managing partners, Crossroads Consulting Group, and authors, Building Online Learning Communities and Collaborating Online "The Technology Toolbelt for Teaching delivers exactly what it promises: a concrete overview of a wide variety of tools, complete with examples specific to practitioners in both K-12 and higher education. Authors Susan Manning and Kevin Johnson provide practical applications rather than philosophy, and solutions rather than platitudes. This is a must for any teacher working with-or wanting to start working with-technology."-Jane Bozarth, author, Social Media for Trainers; eLearning coordinator, State of North Carolina "Creating compelling learning experiences for students is fraught with decision points. Add one or more technology options to the equation, and the number of directions to take learners seems to grow limitlessly, and can either paralyze the instructional design process or cause us to take on too much. Enter The Technology Toolbelt for Teaching. Manning and Johnson's handy guide - and the decision-making matrix that frames each of the tools it demystifies - is an essential resource for choosing paths wisely."-Jonathan Finkelstein, author, Learning in Real Time; founder and executive producer, LearningTimes Includes 50+ fresh and useful technology tools for teaching A decision matrix for choosing and using the right tools Examples for using each tool in higher education and K-12

  • This volume offers a critical, cross-disciplinary, and international overview of emerging scholarship addressing the dynamic relationship between race and markets. Chapters are engaging and accessible, with timely and thought-provoking insights that different audiences can engage with and learn from. Each chapter provides a unique journey into a specific marketplace setting and its sociopolitical particularities including, among others, corner stores in the United States, whitening cream in Nigeria and India, video blogs in Great Britain, and hospitals in France. By providing a cohesive collection of cutting-edge work, Race in the Marketplace contributes to the creation of a robust stream of research that directly informs critical scholarship, business practices, activism, and public policy in promoting racial equity.

  • Get great grades from a distance New to online academia and need someone to show you around? You're in the right place-and you're not alone! As more of everything goes online-fueled by tech trends as well as unexpected events like the COVID-19 crisis-it's no surprise that many of us are getting our educations there, too. Online Learning For Dummies is here to welcome you to the gigantic (and gigantically exciting!) virtual campus, and help you get settled in by providing an overview of the endless opportunities offered by distance learning, as well as offering practical advice to make sure you have the right equipment, mindset, and study techniques for success. In a step-by-step style, this friendly guide takes you from the process of determining what sort of online program is right for you, through applying and enrolling, to building the skills you'll need to succeed. You'll learn how to navigate the common features of the online learning classroom, explore the digital etiquette that will help you get the most out of your instructors and fellow students, and discover how to effectively and professionally present your work. You'll also find out how to develop good online study habits to help you avoid distraction, and how to set aside undisturbed time in between juggling the demands of work, family, and social life. Evaluate the latest courses and opportunities Make sure you have the correct hardware and software Develop your online study skills via best practices Avoid digital fatigue Regardless of age or experience, we can all do with a few pointers on how to get more from the vast array of educational opportunities offered online. This book has them all: Get reading, get online, and get the most from that education you've been dreaming about.