James Lynch

  • Capable Company provides the "Rosetta Stone" executives have been seeking: a systematic way to translate strategy into action.
    Gives executives a systematic way to translate strategy into action.
    Helps companies to develop the capabilities that make strategy work.
    Assembles best-practice strategy execution methods from some of the world's most highly-respected companies into a simple step-by-step process.
    Enables leaders at all levels to rapidly focus and align their actions, even as business conditions change.
    Packed with models, key points, practical examples, case studies, self-assessment techniques and templates.

  • Shallow water acoustics (SWA), the study of how low and medium frequency sound propagates and scatters on the continental shelves of the worlds oceans, has both technical interest and a large number of practical applications. Technically, shallow water poses an interesting medium for the study of acoustic scattering, inverse theory, and propagation physics in a complicated oceanic waveguide. Practically, shallow water acoustics has interest for geophysical exploration, marine mammal studies, and naval applications. Additionally, one notes the very interdisciplinary nature of shallow water acoustics, including acoustical physics, physical oceanography, marine geology, and marine biology. In this specialized volume the authors, all of whom have extensive at-sea experience in US and Russian research efforts, have tried to summarize the main experimental, theoretical, and computational results in shallow water acoustics, with an emphasis on providing physical insight into the topics presented.